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You are a road warrior. Your job is to protect convoys and keep the the ruthless gangs in the wasteland at bay.


When entering a new place on the map you will be focusing on driving and the mission goals: Explained in bullet form at the start of each mission.

Mission objectives

During your missions keep an eye on your radar. When the perpetrators are scared off and a job is complete a map will aper in the bottom left corner tap it to end the mission. If one of your vehicles are destroyed you will fail! The level will restart.

Recon Team


This is your recon team. They sacrifice armour for speed. To control them press and hold right mouse button.

Recon Team

This is you heavy team. They sacrifice speed for armour and gun power. Make a rout for them to follow by taping your left mouse button.

Heavy Team


While you focus on the driving a member of your team prepares special weapons for YOU to use. There is one in each car. You can see what devious weapons they come up with, on the smaller display on your radar. When a special weapon is reddy tap "E" to use it.

Heavy Team


When the battle field becomes overwhelming planing ahead is key. You may pause the battle field to make a rout for EACH vehicle. Press "space" or tap the radar to enter tactic mode.



Slam in to enemies or just make a donut.


For driving slower or geting of rough terrain.


For some rely advanced driving.


Fasten your seatbelts bocus what I'm going to tell you will blow your mind. When you press "TAB" controls for your Heavy team will act as your Recon Team

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