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The Website

The Petrolhead Tactics website was created by Christoffer C. Jansson. This site will always be fresh and new. Every other week or so new updates breads life straight into the wasteland. The manual, journal and update page is powerd by wordpress.

Connecting with Us

Christoffer and the rest of the crew are active on many social networks including Twitter (@christoffercj), and Facebook. You can also contact us directly with your ideas, comments, and feedback.

You are also welcome to the blog, newsletter, and press page.

The Newsletter

Its not a weekly newsletter or some thing like that. It's sent when there are important information and updates.

The "Petrolhead Tactics" Phrase

Petrolhead Tactics may be refered to as PHT. petrolhead

a UK therm for enthusiast of petrol (gasoline) engines or cars


To overcome a sticky situation using un-orthodox and sometimes extreme techniques.


So far the making of Petrolhead Tactics has been made by Christoffer single handedly. From this website to the writing, to the art, the code and the sound. You can support and contribute to our operating costs through one-time donations.

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