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"Control a team of road warriors on a journey for revenge in an unforgiving post apocalyptic world. It's a great adventure with fully voiced story and intriguing encounters. You control two cars in real time and with the ability to stop and play."

I quite like the artwork and the mechanics work well!

— Alex Lee

Looks awesome!

— Jeffrey Collyer

The aesthetic of this game looks brilliant.

— Hanzo.J

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About the game

Petrolhead Tactics is a PC game for those who loved the older Fallout games but felt a little stoked that you could not drive in them like Mel Gibson in the Mad Max trilogy. As you play Petrolhead Tactics I want you to feel like a real road warrior. actually a team of road warriors. Petrolhead Tactics is a story-driven real-time stop & play tactical car game set in the waste land and the ruined cites of the old world. You will control two cars in real time and with the ability to stop and play. In addition to random encounters all mission is part of a great adventure.

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About Early Access

Updates comes regularly once every week typically on a Monday. at this stage my main efforts are put in to tweaking the story levels. Petrolhead Tactics is a story driven action adventure. I will deliberate hide the story levels before final release. You may freely explore the map and explore the world there are lots of random encounters to be found.

Early adopters will get the final realese as a update

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System Requirements

Win system logo OR Apple system logo OR Linux system logo Keyboard AND Mouse AND/OR Gamepad

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